April 2023 – $1000

The STAR Foundation contributed to the purchase of a laser engraver for the Elementary School.

Students will be able to use the laser engraver through their elementary years. This machine will be able to continue to be an asset for many years as the students continue through the STEM program. As the students continue to develop their design skills, they will be able to become more independent with the designing and creating on the laser engraver. Students will also have the opportunity to use the laser engraver to create items for their school pride store.

This project is a way to integrate more hands-on experiences for students in class. The students are given an opportunity to enhance their design and manufacturing skills in the classroom. Incorporating the laser engraver is a way to demonstrate design, engineering and manufacturing. The students have been given an opportunity to learn more about design elements that include ways to create unique designs, how to design different items to meet the needs of the client, and how to create a design using a new piece of equipment. The students have been able to learn more about a new form of manufacturing through use of the laser engraver.