Your gift will enable our community's spirit to grow and prosper!

Task Force on Literacy

Harley employees supported the Northern Wisconsin Task Force on Literacy, which teaches people of any age to read.  A STAR donation to the task force was used to pay for people from Tomahawk to become tutors.

SAFE Assured

With your support, the STAR Foundation was able to purchase 500 kits for the SAFE Assured program to be used for local Tomahawk children. These identity kits provide law enforcement, within minutes of disappearance, identifying information and video of a missing child.

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As a business or individual, you have two options for making tax-deductible donations to the Foundation- either general or restricted.  General donations fund grant requests the Foundation receives from local community groups.  If you or your organization has a specific purpose in mind, you may designate your gift as "restricted" for a particular group or program.  You choose how you wish to make your contribution.  You will receive a confirmation letter and receipt of your donation.  Your gift will enable our community's spirit to continue to grow and prosper. 


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